First of May in France: electoral turmoil
Cristina Font Haro  The author is a foreign policy analyst of Phoenix Global Affairs UnitClashe
By:Cristina Font Haro / 2017-05-05
Spain can contribute to Silk Road initiative
The author is a foreign policy analyst of Phoenix Global Affairs Unit.
By:Cristina / 2017-05-04
Move to protect US steelmakers is against norms of world trade: China Daily editorial
Donald Trump holds up a directive ordering an investigation into the impact of foreign steel on the American economy.
By: / 2017-04-24
War can be avoided, but further restraint needed
What happened Saturday might well be Kim Jong -un’s way of saying “message received”.
By: / 2017-04-18
Were Trump's missile strikes illegal?
President Trump's order to send 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles to attack Syria's Shayrat airfield will be both praised and criticized.
By:Danny Cevallos / 2017-04-10
AIIB marches ahead on development path
The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank approved 13 new members on Thursday.
By: / 2017-03-28
EU grappling with its future without UK
The European Commission released a white paper about the future of Europe last week.
By:Fu Jing / 2017-03-09
To build bridges or walls, that's the problem
Isms, such as nationalism, protectionism, populism, and isolationism, are spreading like wildfire across the Western world.
By:Curtis Stone and Chengliang Wu / 2017-03-08
Why White House versus Fed leads to uncertainty
That means new uncertainty worldwide.
By:Dan Steinbock / 2017-03-07
Skulls offer new evidence of human evolution in China
prehistoric hominids in northern China challenged the popular view of humankind's African origin.
By: / 2017-03-06
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