Solana: The relationship between EU and China couldn't be better.



Solana is the former Secretary-General of NATO and the former EU foreign policy chief. In 1976, he was elected Secretary of the party's Federal Executive Commission, and also Secretary for Information and Press. In 1995, he became the new Secretary-General of NATO. During his term, NATO reorganized its political and military structure and changed its basic strategies. He gained the reputation of being a very successful, diplomatic Secretary General who was capable of negotiating between the differing NATO members and between NATO and non-NATO States. In 2004,he was designated to become the EU's first "Union Minister for Foreign Affairs". He played an important role working toward a resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and continues to be a primary architect of the "Road Map for Peace," along with the UN, Russia, and the United States in the Quartet on the Middle East. 

Solana thought that EU is a group of many countries, and it’s true that one country was very special, because it was not fully integrated. After referendum, UK decided to be outside the EU, people don’t know when it would be implemented, because it’s still the parliament of the country that would decide. But in many cases, he saw the future of the EU as a solid institution. It’s an institution that has done a lot of good to the world, has stopped many types of conflicts in Europe. Remember Europe in the 20th century had two civil wars that was converging into global wars. Therefore, the role of EU has been instrumental to the stability in the world at large. It would continue to do that role in the future. 

He also argued the today majority of people have realized that the decision on Brexit was probably not the best. The two UK political parties have lost their leadership. They have elected one from the ministry of Mr. Cameron--- Theresa May who is in charge of leading the country in this complicated moment. So it’s very difficult to tell how to deal with the relationship with UK as to today. 

In terms of terrorism, he stated that it’s difficult to tell the root of terrorism. First of all, it’s very hard to understand terrorism, people who kill themselves in order to kill others. It’s very difficult to know from the ration of mind. It’s certain degree of fanaticism in terrorism. It’s difficult to detect and impossible to accept. But it’s true that ISIS and Daesh are responsible for these waves of terrorism. And to remember that ISIS and Daesh, they do have some relation with Iraq, the war of Iraq. And the time when it’s governed in a sectarian manner, after the intervention of US, have created this sentiment that is the mother of ISIS or Daesh. 

He guessed the relationship between EU and China couldn't be better. The President of the Commission and the President of the Council were here in Beijing two days ago. They met with the president and prime minister in a couple of occasions during the days. He thought their agreements are working, the committee has been established to continue. So it couldn't be better. The question of market economy, it has to be decided by the end of the year, and he is sure they will be defined properly. He said some movements probably would take place in that domain.

[责任编辑:黄杰 PN087]